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Opal Rowe has the kind of experience with Markham home care for seniors that sets her apart in the field. For 20 years her mother has been a caregiver and she has been a first-hand witness to the kind of elderly care in Markham that has made a difference in the lives of the elderly people there.

Opal lives in a community where there are many elderly and senior people. So, she’s been able to see many of her neighbours getting the kind of Markham senior home care that she felt needed some kind of adjustment to make a difference in both the length and quality of their lives.

The Markham living assistance services difference

Back in 2008, Opal started her home Markham home care for seniors business. The business gave her a chance to express her service orientated nature that she developed from having many years of experience working in various kinds of service industries.

Opal kept the mission statement for this business very simple. She only wanted to help seniors enrich their lives.

A few years later, she connected with Living Assistance Services in Markham and has helped to set the bar for this kind of industry in the area. As well as running her own franchise, Opal is also very involved in volunteer work with reputable agencies like Meals on Wheels as well as the Canadian Cancer Society.

Elderly care Markham testimonials

As well as being involved with a number of other community organizations, Opal has also been elected as the incoming president of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce. With all these wonderful accolades behind her, it’s no surprise that she has testimonials on our website from satisfied clients who found her services exceeded expectations.

If you’re interested in getting more information on the services that Opal offers, all you need to do is fill the convenient tab on our website and you’ll get a free no obligation consultation. It’s an easy quick way to find out what your elderly care needs are.

Keep in mind we also pride ourselves on speed.  That means that we can usually present services on the same day that you request them, and certainly within a 48 hour time frame. Why not get in touch today so that we can arrange a free initial consultation and have one of our Markham home care for seniors professionals like Opal working for you soon?

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Opal Rowe, M.Sc, MBA, CPCA

Willowdale, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan

Tel: 905.918.0103
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