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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “I was very pleased with all the caregivers which were supplied. I would definitely use your service again.”

    John Borrraccia
  • “Fi was a very caring and nice person to have around who became a friend.”

    J. Irvine
  • “Dear Opal and Annette: your caring support at this time means more to us than we can ever express.”

    G. and J., M. and J.A.
  • “Thank you for your help in caring for my mum. After going through a few agencies and not having much luck we came upon the name of Living Assistance Services by chance.
    I know that mum was a difficult client. Your staff worked hard to place her with PSWs who had the right temperament to work with her. The PSWs that stood out to us were Janet, who we had for one night while mum was in hospital. Her care and professionalism towards mum was superb. Others that did a fantastic job over the year were Rowena, Maricar, Irish, Rupinder, Prabijhot and Zahra. Rowena was always so sweet. Each of them went out of their way to show compassion to a difficult client and along the way created a routine of care that made mum feel comfortable.
    Whenever I called the office, which was often, the staff were pleasant and helpful. Pedro, Fritzie and Saiqa were very easy to work with. Pedro and Fritzie were always available to sort things out.”

  • “Mother was thrilled with Lucille. She was charming, intelligent and knew what to do right away.”

  • “Glennis was an excellent caregiver. She was resourceful, very thoughtful and showed initiative.”

  • “…Hope you kept the note I sent, singing the praises of Teresa. Punctual, compassionate, helpful, up to date on senior needs, always did MORE and never complained. I am grateful that Teresa was my moms best friend in her 100th year! Hope she still works for you. Thanks!”

    Catherine Hooks-Hull
  • “Revelyn and your agency are a gift to me these last 2 years in caring for Philip my husband. Thank you. I have highly recommended you to others in need.”

    Janet Simone
  • “…just wanted to pass on that I have found that Aileen is particularly skilled as a night PSW. She is very confident, calm, diligent and always responds promptly when I call.”

  • “I would highly recommend LAS to anyone.”

    A. Cayley
  • “Zahra was well suited for her role as hospital escort. She also ensured that my return home after sedation was calm. I would welcome her on another occasion.”

  • “On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you very much for the donation you made to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, in memory of my mother. Our family would also like to thank LAS for the wonderful care they provided to both of my parents over the last 5 years. We were hugely impressed with the care provided by LAS. Every caregiver was excellent and Sharon Norton Robertson’s advice and support was hugely beneficial. Thank you.”

  • “Have used the agency for 8+ years…reliable and satisfactory…have recommended LAS to others.”

  • “We engaged Living Assistance to assist my mother after she had a heart attack and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. At the same time, my elderly father needed occasional assistance.

    Over a period of time, my mother passed away and my father became increasingly disabled, eventually moving from an apartment to the Sunnybrook Veteran’s Centre.

    The Personal Support Workers (PSWs) provided to us by Living Assistance were much more than employees – they became part of the family. The lovely lady who was there when my mother passed away at home, stayed on with my father until the time of his passing (8 years).

    Many others also stayed with us for years at a time, which provided continuity of care. They often went above and beyond, cooking home cooked meals, or doing special shopping for my father who was not fond of the food at Sunnybrook.

    I would definitely recommend any of the PSWs that cared for my parents, and also Living Assistance for being able to recruit and retain them, presumably treating them well as employees. Living Assistance also was responsive to all requests for adjustments to schedules and if a regular caregiver became unavailable, did their best to find an acceptable alternative person (my father was very fussy).”

    Clare Prendergast
  • “Thank you for all of the help you and your team gave to us in finding exceptional caregivers for my dad.”

  • “My mother received very professional, courteous and compassionate care from LAS staff. She was a challenging care recipient at times and I was most impressed with the patience, kindness, compassion and good harmony of her care team. These ladies are experienced and dedicated eldercare providers.”

    L. Thackray
  • “Your thoughtfulness is sincerely appreciated and will always be remembered.”

  • “We wanted to let you know how happy we were with E, I and H. Their kindness and compassion were a great help to us all at this difficult time especially H who was there when Bob died. It was so reassuring to have her there knowing that he had the best care possible in his own home.”

  • “Bravo to Linda and Dorothy. They both are valuable supports to the care teams of E.K. and R.K. They are now members of the team as considered by their nursing home colleagues …Thanks for all the effort of both and of the agency to make this happen…Well done!”

  • Sharon,

    Thank you for your wonderful visit with my parents this afternoon.  I do not know what the final decision will be (since I need to consult with 5 other siblings), but, on a personal note, I will say that you are an incredible representative of your company, and I hope they recognize that.

    You were told that I am  lawyer, and that is true.  I was a partner at a downtown law firm in Toronto for many years.  But, since then, I have been in business for 25 years, investing in and owning many businesses around the world (and still am).  You are exactly the type of person that every one of those businesses would want to represent them!  I am very appreciative of what you did in your visit today. If someone is reading this e-mail on your company server, so much the better.  You deserve it!

    Thank you

  • “Melody was amazing last night. She is so competent and exudes care and confidence at all times. She answered my calls immediately, so I could tell she was not snoozing. Thank you.”

  • “I just want to praise Riza on her ability to learn on the job. She was a very enthusiastic worker and always willing to listen and learn as she worked. She was hard working and very pleasant.”

  • “Thank you for taking care of my Dad. He said Neda and Mary Jane can come back anytime!”

  • “I want to thank you again for all your care and support over the last few years. You were so helpful and enabled John to have the best possible care for the last part of his journey.”

  • “Between your services and theirs, you undoubtedly extended his time with his family in the home environment which was preferable to everyone and you helped with your fine staff to make his final days as comfortable as possible. For that we are eternally grateful.”

    The G. Family
  • “You all provide a wonderful service. Sharon, Ann, Elena, Jane and Teresita were so helpful and cheerful. They brightened an otherwise very sad situation. With Thanks,”

  • “The service provided was professional, efficient and very much had a tone of compassion and empathy. Sharon Norton Robertson was extremely professional, engaged and caring.”

  • “We want to thank the caregivers at Living Assistance Services, particularly Arlene, for all the joy and kindness they brought to her life.”

  • “Nora and Dickey have each forged a wonderful bond with my Mom. But I wanted to let you know that we have been extremely grateful to both Nora and Dickey for the many, many hours of kind, compassionate and very capable assistance they have given to my Mom over these past months.  I would not hesitate to recommend both of them to ANY family seeking a caregiver for their aging loved ones — they have been wonderful!  And my Mom will miss them both very much…thank you, Deborah, and the entire staff at Living Assistance Services for your patience, kindness and understanding as I’ve waded through these uncharted waters of caring for my Mom. Your professionalism and dependability has also been much appreciated and has given me much peace of mind during this often stressful time. My experiences with LAS’s exemplary service began with David Porter taking the time to personally introduce me to Nora and it has continued to this day.  Never have I had to worry about finding a last-minute replacement, nor of having a revolving-door of caregivers come through my Mom’s home (as was the case with one of the other agencies we used…)”

  • “I was very satisfied with the service.”

  • “Carol and Gigi always had a very positive attitude. My father’s behavior could be difficult at times but they both were very patient and understanding with him. They took the time to make sure he was safe and happy when doing activities with him. We would highly recommend them to anyone!”

  • “Thank you to all the caregivers that have assisted Bill over the years. Special thanks to Carol and Gigi for their love, kindness and patience.”

  • “…for all the TLC provided by your kind and efficient PSW’s. With Thanks”

  • “All of your people are absolute treasures. Thank you so much.”

  • “Excellent Service”

    Dr. F.
  • “Lea has been an outstanding caregiver for both my mother and my father over the years. Always cheerful, empathetic, humorous, gentle, constructive, resourceful, organized…I could go on forever…and always with a twinkle in her eye. We have all been blessed.”

  • “Its been a real pleasure and comfort dealing with everyone at Living Assistance Services and we’re very grateful for all your help to date!”

  • “Violet is a fantastic caregiver and I would be more than happy to be a reference for her.”

    Dr. P.
  • “Constance and Deqa are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for choosing them. They are wonderful!”

  • “Dell is extremely conscientious, caring and respectful. She’s working out well.”

  • “We are so appreciative of the service and care of Living Assistance. The women were all so caring and efficient in their care of Don. He liked them all and enjoyed their company as well as their help.”

  • “Extraordinary home care provided by ‘Don’s angels’ from Living Assistance Services (Maybel, Jane, Riza, Tess Louella and Yeshi).”

    Mrs. I.
  • “I was impressed with the caregivers. Upon arrival they always spent a short time greeting John and enquiring about his health. In caring for him they respected his privacy and nothing was too much trouble in meeting his needs. They responded professionally during several emergencies including taking John by ambulance to St. Michael’s hospital and were able to explain to me his current needs. As for the office staff they always made me feel that they were there to help us through the difficult days and my somewhat confusing questions were always answered cheerfully and thoughtfully. I really appreciated the support we were given which gave us the opportunity to have John at home as he wanted to be.”

  • “Clarita Aspiras is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Clarita as a caregiver is fortunate indeed. Clarita is a professional through and through, but she is also kind, sensitive, thoughtful, humble, dedicated to learning, a patient teacher and a wonderful team member. She would be an asset on any health care team. Our hospitals, indeed our whole health care system, would greatly benefit from having many more people like Clarita.”

  • “Thank you.  Mohamed was fabulous – he was so helpful & fun!”

  • “Dear Brian: Thanks so much for the lovely flowers from the LAS Team. They were awesome.”

  • “Thank you for the wonderful red carpet service and care. With much appreciation,”

  • “Thank you again for the support, it has been amazing and it has touched our lives in a positive way. Without Flora, my mom would have been completely out of touch and my sister and I would have been very stressed. At least, she had some company for a few hours a week. Thanks again,”

  • “Florance was mom’s Angel…because Florance was treating mom just like she would her own mom. They bonded immediately…we strongly recommend Florance as an excellent, serving caregiver.”

  • “Mum is really enjoying Barley’s company and all of the help she is giving to her…my mum has some challenges…and I’m sure Barley is keeping her on track. Thank goodness for Barley!!!”

  • “My father has come a long way since getting care from Marva.”

  • “Both Lolita and Gita are wonderful, our experience with LAS has been very positive.”

  • “The team looking after Mom is fantastic! Her wants and needs are catered to with each caregiver offering her unique style and special skills. At times Mom is ‘grumpy’ and tells them that they are fired! Twenty minutes later, all has been forgiven or forgotten. In addition to their regular ongoing duties they are each required to work with different CCAC caregivers who visit each day to assist them with Mom’s care. Amazing!!”

  • “I know that Marelyn and Lilla we able to go down to the garden when the weather permitted and they were also able to attend a music event downstairs which Lilla enjoyed. I was also very pleased that when Lilla went to the hospital, Marelyn accompanied her and stayed until we arrived…At a recent family conference, the nurse manager and social worker praised Marelyn for her work”

  • “Dear Ms. Jin-Ng, and the Management and Staff of Living Assistance Services: My mother Barbara and sister join me in sending along our warmest thanks for all the assistance you provided for my dad, in the early part of this year and for your kindness and support at the time of my dad’s passing. We are so grateful for everything, most notably my mother.”

  • “The caregivers were terrific. They made my mom feel comfortable, secure and very caring. They were also very gentle, which is what my mom really needed. Thank you!!”

  • “I wanted to that you and your wonderful staff for making K’s surgery not only possible but also a great success. As we discussed, she is prone to extreme panic attacks. During this surgery she had none and a great deal of that was due to your wonderful staff. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company. Could you please give a special thank you to the wonderful person who accompanied her.”

  • “She is fabulous, gives 150% to my mother and we are lucky to have her…very happy with the service.”

  • “Just want to start by saying a huge “thank you” to you both and to all your staff!!! Your PSW’s have been a wonderful help to our Mom as well as providing us some peace of mind.”

  • “Living Assistance Services and Staff: It’s easy to say thank you, but its harder to convey the heartfelt gratitude felt today. Your thoughtfulness means more than words can ever say.”

    The M. Family
  • “The staff were very professional and responsive to my Mother’s needs, even though she was very demanding. They also provided spontaneous companionship; this was important as at the end my Mother was fairly isolated from social contact other than what caregivers could provide. They were attentive to changes of diet, such as reducing salt intake, and punctual with regards to medications. They kept my Mother clean and the apartment clean. I appreciated very much the punctual arrival of each caregiver and their constant attention to My Mother’s needs.”

  • “A belated but very sincere thanks for your dedicated, professional and sympathetic care provided to the family. It was sometimes a painful journey, but we always appreciated your counsel. A heartfelt thanks is extended to the caregivers…they always has his comfort and well-being top of mind. I always felt as though I could approach them with any concern. Mike and John gave a eulogy at the funeral and a special thank you was extended to the caregivers at that time. Sincere regards,”

    M. & Family
  • “…thank them so much for their kind care of my father. Especially Belle for the last year that she has been a great help and companion to my father.”

  • “Thank you for your wonderful services!”

  • “So many thanks for all your assistance. You all have been 100 percent fabulous.”

  • “…No complaint – all were excellent.”

  • “They are simply amazing, not just as caregivers, but the way they are as people – very caring people.”

  • “Diana was excellent and I know where to go next time we need service.”

  • “Met the new ‘Lauris’ today and she is delightful and mother thinks she is terrific. Thank you.”

    A.J.M. Client
  • “Your organization was instrumental in having Brenda bring such comfort and joy to my mother.”

    C.D. Client
  • “We appreciate the help and the personal service you provided during her recent illness.”

    Dr. T.T. Client
  • “A special thank you as well to all the wonderful women who helped care for my father and especially Maria… My daughters and I will be forever grateful to you and his caregivers.”

    S.M. Client
  • “Thanks David for your courtesy and promptness for getting someone so quickly.”

    B.S. Client
  • “The thoughtfulness, care, compassion, cheerfulness given to John and myself during the all too short time looking after us was incredible. Thank you for such wonderful assistance.”

    E.B. Client
  • “Your thoughtfulness is sincerely appreciated and will always be remembered.”

    I. A. Client
  • “We can’t thank you enough for the efforts and perseverance put forth to find the appropriate person to look after our mom.”

    B. C. Client
  • “David…your organization was instrumental in having Brenda bring such comfort and joy to my mother. Thank you.”

    C. D. Client
  • “We appreciate your interest and the level of quality services you provide!”

    R. S. Client
  • “Thank you for the lovely flowers and all the help you gave to me and my mother. I don’t know what we would have done without you and your wonderful angels…your kindness has helped us.”

    S. M. Client
  • “David…thank you so much…Dora is a super worker.”

    P. S. Client
  • “David, … a special thank you as well to each of the wonderful women who helped care for my father…my daughters and I will be forever grateful to you and his caregivers for all the help you gave to me and my father. Thank you.”

    S. M. Client
  • “You have brought spring into the living room, and reminded me how fortunate I am to have kind people to help me.”

    L.G. Client
  • “…don’t know what I will do without you and Living Assistance and all the gifts they have brought into Midge’s and my lives.”

    P. M. Client
  • “This year has literally flown by, and I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the unfailing contributions that you team has made to the administration of my mother’s caregiver schedules. It is as a result of their diligence and thoughtfulness that I am able to continue to provide for my mother in her home. Thank you very much.”

    S.D. Client
  • “Elsie was great! My Mom liked her. Would recommend her highly. Would request her again.”

    J.H. Client
  • “Thank you very much for selecting someone who my parents have found appropriate. They are now recognizing the value of this added support.”

    Dr. I.C. Client
  • “Julius and Jonas were both wonderful caregivers to my husband. He enjoyed having them in our home. Always happy and ready to do work…”

    B. S. Client
  • “Have recommended agency to a number of people.”

    S.W. Client
  • “Thanks 4 everything! Mom is very happy with the support your service gives her.”

    C.H. Client
  • “Marilyn was a great help…we would recommend her to others.”

    P.C. Client
  • “Thanks to my thoughtful friends at Living Assistance…It is assuring to know that someone, beside family, cares for you and will help when needed.”

    L.G. Client
  • “You have been so wonderful with your caregivers and last minute requirements. What a special gift each of you have.”

    C.B. Client
  • “Many thanks for the excellent care and support of my mother during the past three years. Thank you so much. Jacqueline was wonderful.”

    B.G. Client
  • “Many thanks for the excellent care and support of my mother during the past three years. Evangelita was a compassionate and empathetic caregiver that my mother very much appreciated.”

    M.R. Client
  • “Mom is well…loves Jessica and very happy with twice a week…Jessica gives her companionship…they have bonded deeply.”

    C.H. Client
  • “Beverly was a most enjoyable helper. She is efficient, good driver and cook. We would employ her any given time again. Our experience with your agency is excellent. We already recommended you.”

    Dr. M.S Client
  • “Thank you for your tenacious efforts on my behalf. I’m glad to have Jill back already. I need her help badly and she is lovely to have around.”

    J.S Client
  • “The care and companionship that your caregivers provided my grandmother was exceptional. All of her needs were anticipated and met. Although she is now in a nursing home your staff made it possible for her to stay relatively independant for as long as possible. Thank you David for your commitment to my grandmother and my family.”

    L.D.K Client
  • “It seems longer than 15 months since I placed a desperate call to you for help on the Friday of the Labour Day weekend. From the beginning you and your staff have always been there for our family and provided quality caregivers for my mother, sometimes on the very last notice. For that we are grateful. Caring for someone who has always cared for you, and who is now retreating into an Alzheimer’s induced world, is very stressful. To encounter people who understand and can relieve some of the stress is so necessary. I can’t thank you enough and will gladly refer anyone in the same position to your office. Please continue to offer this high quality service as it seems to be needed more than ever in our aging world.”

    K.H Client
  • “Nieves is a caring, compassionate person who was always interested in making my mother comfortable and didn’t need to be told what to do. She also stayed one step ahead of things and anticipated how she could help and what needed to be done next. I would highly recommend Nieves as a trustworthy and loyal employee.”

    L.W Client
  • “The wonderful experience of using LAS is that you never find yourself ‘holding your breath’. Service delivery is 100%…100% of the time!”

    M.H Client
  • “You can use Myra as your model caregiver. She is perceptive, enterprising, energetic and cooperative. She has a keen sense of humour and was cheerful and resourceful…further I felt I could trust her completely. I think she operates at a high ethical level, and a high level of competence.”

    M.B Client
  • “… I was more than satisfied with your services, Thank you.”

    J.H Client
  • “I would appreciate it if you would pass on to Helen my gratitude for all the care she gave to Jack. He responded well to her gentle manner and the nurses said he looked forward to seeing her. I am glad he had someone as compassionate as Helen in his life.”

    M.M Client
  • “We were extremely pleased with the quality of care provided. This is a hard job and the caregivers were always cheerful and ready to help in any way. I would recommed either Anita and Maria anytime.”

    R.T Client
  • “We found Judy to be completely satisfactory for our needs. She went out of her way to be helpful and cheerful…We would certainly call upon you again if we need your service.”

    E.P Client
  • “I was very pleased with the care I received. They were all very friendly, willing to help me with any requests.”

    M.E.M Client
  • “Exceptional!”

    M.S Client
  • “Joy was superb! Very observant, smart, caring person. Always working beyond the call of duty and was great at anticipating our needs. She was always a step ahead. Her heart is truly in the job! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! She gets my highest recommendation. Thank you.”

    M.C Client
  • “David, thank you. You gave me hope and help when I didn’t have the ability to think clearly. Your thoughtfulness and consideration would never be forgotten. Thank you… I appreciate your being you.”

    M.F Client
  • “David, … thank you so much for your help and concerns. I appreciate everything you did for me, beyond words.”

    J.V Client
  • “Thank you…I was very impressed with the timeliness within which you, and your organization, responded to my requests …of course, I will gladly recommend you to others should the occasion arise.”

    G.R Client
  • “…Thank you for all your help. You’re making such a big difference in everybody’s lives. God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.”

    J. Client
  • “Very likeable and easy to be with. Very willing.”

    H.B Client
  • “Your caregiver was only here 1 day but was an exceptionally nice man.”

    S.C Client
  • “Both Arlene and Medina (weekends) were not only exceptionally skilled in taking care of my husband Bob who has MS, they were kind, fun and great cooks. Bob said both caregivers were wonderful. He was very relaxed and enjoyed their company.
    I spent the first day with Arlene; I knew I had no worry while I was away – such a professional. Both these ladies and your wonderful agency, allowed me to have a relaxed holiday knowing Bob, my cats and the house were so well looked after. Thank you sincerely.”

    J.M & B. Client
  • “I would highly recommend your service. Please feel free to provide my phone number to future clients. Thank you for making Mom & Dad’s life so much easier. We are very grateful.”

    J.A Client
  • “All 4 girls worked well but Andrea was exceptional both in personality, nursing skills and caring beyond expectation.”

    M.E Client
  • “Norhaya was the best thing that happened to my family. She lovingly took care of my mother when she was dying and my father looks at her as one of his children. My dog adored her. She’s dearly missed by my whole family. I would definitely use your agency in the future and will refer you to anyone who asks.”

    M.K Client
  • ” We were extremely pleased with both Nelba and Joy. They were polite and caring and made good use of their four hours a day with us. Nelba was excellent…We would highly recommend both girls as we would Living Assistance Services. Thank you for your assistance.”

    C.B Client
  • “It was a pleasure having such a great team working for my mom. Thanks again to Emily, Gemma and Carol.”

    L.S. Client
  • ” At a time when my father was seriously ill and returning from hospital to his home, Susan Sainsbury and her administrative support team met the care needs of my parents to the fullest. I would enthusiastically recommend the services of “Living Assistance” to any family in a similar situation. We found them to be not only professional but caring.”

    K.T Client
  • “The carers provided by Living Assistance were exceptionally kind and committed to her care. This was not always easy, but they continued to be supportive, encouraging, understanding and positive. Our family has recommended Living Assistance to other family friends who have also found the care offered excellent.”

    G.K.S Client
  • “Marilyn was an excellent caregiver. She took the initiative in doing what needed to be done without having to be directed. She was always positive, energetic and punctual. I would rate her highly on personal care (showers) for my husband, on housecleaning, cooking and a very safe driver. I have recommended your agency to many friends as we were very well cared for.”

    S.E Client
  • “We were entirely pleased with the service and care received and were grateful.”

    DL Client
  • “David, I wanted to pass on to you my compliments of the staff from Living Assistance that I have dealt with in the past few months. Elvira Flores has been extremely helpful in putting together a schedule for my mother and in coordinating the caregivers. She is always supportive and pleasant and she follows up on matters in an expeditious manner… we have had regularly Faith Quidella and Jacqueline Leslie. Faith has worked very well with mom and is very professional in her dealings. We have had Jacqueline more frequently and I have been extremely impressed with her. She is professional, kind, attentive, supportive and smart. She reports thoroughly to the next caregiver both in written format and orally. I am pleasantly surprised at how well my mother is getting on with Faith and Jacqueline. Indeed, it is a relief. We take things week by week as we deal with mom’s health, but Living Assistance’s support is appreciated. (And the fact that I can speak with someone in the office during the weekend!)”

    B.W Client
  • “Overall, I found a high level of professionalism and a lot of warmth. Will recommend to others.”

    C.L Client
  • “Your caregivers have been a great help to this 94 year old lady. Thanks again”.

    M. Client
  • “My mother was not an easy ‘client’ and Josie did extraordinarily well in difficult circumstances.”

    CC Client
  • “I had no complaints. All the people you sent in were great. Thank you very much.”

    L.S Client
  • “We had a wonderful worker, Rafia, who immediately set up our caregiver Morgan. What a fantastic fit. Morgan was reliable, compassionate, fun, intuitive and creative. My mother was very fond of Morgan and had a lot of fun, and great companionship. Thank you so much for Morgan.”

    L.B Client
  • “Hilda was definitely a caregiver who was above average in her skills, attitude and emotional giving. There was no job she wouldn’t do for our mother and her ongoing training allowed her to be trusted and respected by the staff at Houses of Providence. She calmly reacted to any situation and reported to us accurately the daily situation. As well as personal care, Hilda also knew about mental and emotional care. A walk outside; smell the flowers, interacting with others, as well as one on one chats. I would very highly recommend Hilda as a caregiver and feel that anyone who has her to look after a family member or friend would indeed be fortunate as we were. Thank you. I would also like to thank Rafia, for her compassion and assistance.”

    D.C Client
  • “Mom is over the moon about Rosemary. She absolutely loves having her around. I’m so pleased. Thank you and we’ll keep in touch.”

    Dr.T Client
  • “Thank you for allowing me the privilege of having Jessica’s company these past few years. She has been in every way a truly wonderful companion. Her caring, intelligence and industry have been much appreciated.”

    M.B Client
  • “Susan thanks so much. The team has been outstanding. I would be happy to be a reference.”

    J.G Client
  • “David, I want to thank you and all your staff, Susan, Rafia and Elvira for their kindness, both to me and to Hugh Bonney. Collectively you made such a difference in arranging Hugh’s care and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all… Please pass along our deepest gratitude to all the caregivers who treated Hugh with such kindness and consideration. I will never forget their service.”

    D.L Client
  • “Thanks for sending me ‘one of your best’. I hope to see Eugenia again.”

    J.S Client
  • “Again thank you for everything. We have been so happy that idea back in August 2008 was such a very good fit from both a practical and a personal perspective. Please thank David Porter…Irene, Cristina, Mailyn and Erma were all exceptional. Living Assistance, you and your team, did Mum proud. Such a very hard thing to do to care for someone who doesn’t really want to live, for two years. But their care made it bearable, and they continued to joke, to coax, to soothe, to explain, to care and ultimately to love Mum. What a gift. Thank you all.”

    G.K.S Client
  • “Thank you for everything, really. Please pass on to Gemma how much we all loved how well she cared for my for us. She was fabulous…”

    B.G. Client
  • “… I am very happy with my caregiver. Jessica is a delight and so very helpful.”

    MH Client
  • “I must say that Norma, Bell and Genn were absolutely magnificent…these are very special women.”

    CP Client
  • “I can’t remember if it was the CCAC or the Social Worker at TEGH who gave me the name of a few organizations to contact regarding personal care… However, Living Assistance was the best response…I was appreciative of the care and attention Bell was able to provide and the flexibility of both Bell and the administrative staff…”

    J.M. Client
  • “Raana continues to be a blessing in our home – angel indeed! Her talents are beyond the boundaries of my comprehension!”

    C.K Client
  • “…I want to thank you, David, for all your council and understanding with my mother. It is a hard task to deal with the progression of anyone suffering with Alzheimer’s and I thank you for your help. In some situations, I didn’t have the faintest idea how to proceed and when I though I had an idea, it was so helpful to be able to ask for your advice. Thank you for carefully tailoring my mother’s needs as her situation progressed. It takes someone who is listening to modify schedules when life takes a turn down a different road. Each person that you provided for my mother had the skills to care for her in the progressing condition, finally culminating in your greatest gift, Hilda Pena…We would both hope that should we ever find ourselves in the hospital, that Hilda would be on that shift. She would make anyone feel special and not afraid…”

    R & B.B.S Client
  • “Many thanks for sending Didi to take care of my son at Sunnybrook. She was terrific and certainly helped us through a difficult time.”

    T. T. Client
  • “Rafia and David…I am so glad that Bell was with Rita over this past month…It was comforting for Rita (and for me) to have someone spend time with her each day. Thank you and to Bell for your assistance during this difficult time.”

    J. M. Client
  • “David…thank you for your services. I found Arlene, Khadija and Raana to be excellent care(caring)givers. I have referred Living Assistance Services to a fellow patient.”

    D. R. Client
  • “It was a pleasure to work with Raana over the past two years (and more recently Teodola). Raana clearly understood the dementia issues my in-laws were dealing with. She was kind and thoughtful and clearly worked hard to develop a rapport with my in-laws. I relied on her and was confident that she would take good care of them.”

    E. Ellis Client
  • “Raana was a great help getting me on my feet again. Tessie was a such a happy, cheerful person. Both she and Raana were a great pair – helpful and I couldn’t have asked for nicer ladies. They both fitted in and it was a pleasure having them in my house.”

    W. M. Wilson Client
  • “David, Mailyn was super! I’d love to have a repeat performance. Will be in touch. Thanks so much.”

    W.S. Client
  • “Dear David…Many thanks for your choices of Jessica and Shinette. It made everyone’s life so much easier…to have such great gals…your personal attention was much appreciated.”

    B. S. Client
  • “I can’t thank you enough. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I have someone that my mom likes (and vice versa) to help carry the load. It really has been the best Christmas present. A real addition to our family…and I enjoy the professionalism of your office and dealing with you too Rafia. Thank you for everything.”

    L. T. Client
  • “The Living Assistance support staff have been very special in the minds of my parents over the past few months. Three names immediately come to mind: Cheril, Eugenia and Jackie. They are to be commended for their devotion, care and professionalism.”

    KT Client
  • “Ludy was a big help. Please thank her again.”

    M.E.W. / B.W. Client
  • “From the initial meeting, Susan Sainsbury exhibited such an amazing professional and assuring presence that I knew we had chosen the right agency. She was truly incredible in all of her dealings with every member of our family throughout this very stressful ordeal. Right down to her constant communications with mum’s doctor’s office and organizing her pills each week, Susan showed an incredible attention to her patient’s details and care. The consistent caregivers were excellent and were able to bond with Mum. Sophie, Kausar, Megan were wonderful. Overall, our family was extremely pleased with the extent and quality of care over the 14+ months for my mother as she declined. The agency reacted well to the changes in the patient and was very attentive. Excellent back-up coverage. Thank you so much for making the final months of my mother’s life as enjoyable as possible.”

    A.B.N Client
  • “Susan – Thank you so much for your support and wonderful care of Dad over these past years. Your steady guidance and advice when we needed it have been so much appreciated and you made Dad’s life more enjoyable with your excursions, treats and lively visits. We are very grateful for everything you’ve done.”

    J.A. Client
  • “Susan was a fantastic help in caring for my mother. She was knowledgeable, responsive and compassionate. Her generally positive outlook on life was greatly appreciated by my mother and my mother’s live-in help. Any of your clients will be lucky to have Susan on their case.”

    S.R Client
  • “We would like to thank Rafia and Donna for all their help over the last year. Organization and service from LAS was flawless. The home care provided by Donna was fantastic, we felt lucky to have someone with her experience and character to take care of our mother.”

    M.G Client
  • “Excellent attentive care was provided by the caregiver to my mother. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

    S.A Client
  • “Overall, we were very satisfied with your services. Should any assistance be needed in the future, Living Assistance Services will be our first choice. Thank you for all your help!”

    L.P Client
  • “Throughout our difficult year Lea Livelo has given us wonderful professional help in her warm and friendly way.”

    P.L.F Client
  • “Therese had a very difficult environment as my mother was convinced she did not want or need help before she even met Therese. Therese was patient, empathetic, caring and she was very responsible and conscientious…I am also very impressed with the services of the office. They got back to me right away, and are very responsive to my needs.”

    V.S Client
  • “I would definitely ask for each of these 3 caregivers again. They are skillful, responsible and very, very helpful.”

    J.M Client
  • “I found your services most helpful. Caregiver, Helen Tacla, was with me for a week and was most caring. Much appreciated.”

    B.S Client
  • “We were very grateful for the years of service received through your agency, and the caregiving provided by your caregivers both in her own home and later at the Bradgate Arms Retirement Residence was exceptional. Nieves and Elsa provided outstanding care at all times to our beloved mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Treating her at all times with kindness, dignity, support, companionship, friendship and compassion … We are thankful for all of your assistance and highly recommend your agency and these two wonderful caregivers.”

    P. & E.S Client
  • “Meron could not have been more helpful. She was always ready to help in any area of need. She consistently demonstrated a positive, professional and caring attitude and was a pleasure to have in our home. We would give her the highest recommendation.”

    B.M Client
  • “I was always very happy with the professional service that you provided . You would call me if a helper was changed. Great service for Grandma. Thanks again.”

    R.G Client
  • “Gizman looked after my mother very well. She was attentive to her needs and alerted the family when my mother needed further medical care. My mother was very happy with Gizman and in return they both respected each other and got along fine. We were very happy to have someone who cared and someone who was also very concerned about my mother’s state and her health. We would recommend Gizman to anyone.”

    D.R Client
  • “Excellent service both from the office and the caregivers. I would definitely use your service in future should the need arise.”

    M.S. Client
  • “Your agency was always courteous and efficient in any dealings I had with them.”

    R.M Client
  • “Ariel was excellent and we had the greatest comfort level with him. He was reliable and personable and had exemplary integrity. He did a great job at reading the personalities of both my parents – they are not easy to deal with, especially at this difficult stage in life. His flexible and understanding disposition makes him a superior candidate. There were a few times when my Dad was stuck in the hospital in a difficult situation and Ariel stuck by him like a brother no matter what the time of the day or length of the shift. We are so grateful for his care.

    Hilda was extremely thorough and other staff at Christie Gardens recognized her high standard of care. She is passionate about her religious life and she shared that with our family. We are always grateful for her devoted and diligent care.

    Your office personnel were commendable. Rafia and Paula stand out in my mind. But every encounter with your office was efficient and lead to a good result. They were so responsive and understanding of our needs. Clearly, their efforts at providing good candidates were a key for staying with your firm.

    The option of paying the bills online was also very convenient. I dislike writing cheques and mailing via Canada Post. Online is so much easier.”

    A.L Client
  • “Erich was wonderful. Family and friends appreciated as well. We would recommend him anytime.”

    J.W Client
  • “I cannot thank you enough for sending Rui Sun (Betsy) to be my P.S.W. She was fabulous. Betsy was always on time as I depended on her to bathe me and help dress daily. She was helpful, supportive and positive in every aspect of my care following surgery. She helped me prepare meals and was eager to learn my routines and very helpful. She was wonderful in doing light housekeeping, helping with kitchen clean up, changing beds, and vacuuming. Betsy also accompanied me to the doctor’s office on a number of occasions for dressing changes. She used her time with me very effectively. She always asked me for feedback to make sure she was doing tasks according to my household routines. She was professional in all aspects of my care. Her English and communications skills are excellent. She helped me to gain back my health, confidence and I attribute my recovery to her help. She is a remarkable individual and I highly recommend her.”

    N.L Client
  • “Thank you to everyone at L.A.S including Rafia, Theresa and all the other kind and capable staff. As well, deep gratitude to our wonderful caregivers. It’s so good to know you’re there. Rafia, special kind thanks for your professionalism, caring, understanding and competence. It was very much appreciated!”

    T Client
  • “Thank you for all your attentiveness in the last 6-8 years. I will definitely call if need be. Thanks.”

    C.B Client
  • “Message to your Director of Care: we now have some relief that my mother is in good hands. Your coordination and expertise to date has been outstanding! Please pass along to your leadership at Living Assistance Services, my gratitude for your professional and caring service during this increasingly difficult time. You are truly an amazing representative of your organization. Many thanks.”

    A. C Client
  • “I would like to thank you and your staff at Living Assistance Services for caring for both my mother and father for almost two years. Your PSWs were absolutely fabulous and exceeded our expectations in every way. They were caring and compassionate, and they treated my parents with respect, even when Dad was being difficult. Rain, snow, ice storms, or power failures did not prevent your staff from arriving at the home on time. Your office staff was also excellent. There were a few times when we needed an overnight shift on an emergency basis, and your staff was able to accommodate us with very little notice. I cannot say enough about your organization and I would recommend it to anyone who needs care for their elderly loved ones.”

    B. J Client
  • “Our family could not have completed this without the support, care, and love from Living Assistance Services. My mother was able to finish her life with dignity and needed care at the hospital. This care could not be provided by me, but it was by your company. We could always count on your team!”

    D.B Client
  • “Your services were very helpful to me, the sole caregiver for my father, as I was in need of assistance and a second pair of eyes and hands to help out after my father’s surgery. All of the personal support workers you provided us with were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They were all lovely ladies who were sensitive to my Dad’s needs at a time when he was not able to take care of himself. Your professionalism was also very impressive. Thank you again, and I certainly would not hesitate to use the services of your agency again.”

    A. V Client
  • “We have enjoyed having Arlene take care of Frank. She was such a joy and was so good to Frank and for Frank. If ever we need someone again, I would certainly get in touch with you. I would also recommend you to anyone who needs care. Thank you, Opal; I appreciate everything you have done for us.”

    H.C Client
  • “Dear David: I cannot thank you enough for your prompt and professional response to my desperate and last minute situation. I am truly grateful for your time and support. Olga is a wonderful, lovely personal support worker and very personable. After updating her about what father has been through, she stepped right in and assume responsibility in her role. Both my mother and father were impressed with Olga and so very appreciative of her care. Olga was up every hour or so with my dad. Bless her for being there. We also appreciate your understanding and guidance.”

    B.W Client
  • “Annette was the perfect choice for looking after my mother. Her soft energy, patience, and knowledge were of great comfort to my wife and me.”

    M.B Client
  • “To Elsie, Lisa, and the Team at Living Assistance: thank you so much for all your help and support during this time. Elsie helped so much with my Dad and it gave us comfort to know every night she was with him. Lisa: thank you again for your help and your words of support throughout. Again, thank you all for the ease of the service you provided to my Dad and my family.”

    J Client
  • “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for my family. All my short notices. My Mom has received such excellent care no matter who comes to take care of her. I would not hesitate to refer your agency to any person who requires it. Erma has been so good to my Mom, we will miss her dearly. She reads to her, eats her breakfast and lunch with her, exercises her, Erma sings to her, they watch TV, and she makes my Mom laugh. I so wish I could afford full time care with Erma. Thank you so much Opal and the Service Co-ordinator team for the excellent service your home care company has given us.”

    L. L Client
  • “Thanks very much for the lovely card and the extra nice comments. What do we think of Living Assistance Services? At first when a critical health crisis erupted in our family, we did not know which way to turn. Finally, we found Living Assistance Services. It had the answers which we so urgently needed in the form of expert front-line personal support workers whom we were able to select individually from its vast reservoir of talent. They were backed up by a pleasant, efficient office staff that also truly cared. What a blessing! Our hats are off to LAS!”

    G. H Client
  • “I have mentioned this many times how much I respected, and valued the time, effort & care all 3 ladies took towards my mother. They were so exceptional, it was hard to have any of the replacement help. Josephine, Jeanly & Genet were quite different in many ways but they were united in the gentle and loving way they treated my mother. It was not an easy job – especially towards the end – they were upbeat with my mom – she loved all three. I cannot recommend more highly – these 3 ladies. I miss them very much. PS – I should also mention the office staff – always pleasant & eager to help me. My thanks to you. I did give Living Assistance name to our CCAC representative & to my mother’s Doctor.”

    H.M Client
  • “It is excellent from A to Z!”

    J.L Client
  • “I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Cynthia. In yet another example of her outstanding care, today she was able to stay overtime to give my mother some medication and wait until I arrived. My mother was feeling much better and Cynthia was her usual very helpful and caring self. I can’t imagine what we would do without Cynthia, she is so wonderful.”

    P.M Client
  • “When I was faced with the task in January of finding a good 24-7 care service for my uncle, I went to the internet. ‘Living Assistance Services’ came up on the first page and it wasn’t long before I had honed in on your Toronto office.

    Your web site is quite impressive. I was especially taken with the ‘About Us’ section. That entire page, highlighting your own story, convinced me to have a further look.
    I immediately called and arranged to meet Heather an hour later. What a wonderful person she is.

    Cheryl was assigned for the week days (and Merrvyic for the weekends). Cheryl was just unbelievable – so kind, so caring, so interested, so helpful, so respectful…Cheryl was wonderful.

    A compliment is also due for your staff – Heather, Sharon, the accountant (sorry, her name now escapes me), and everyone on the phone when I called.

    Lastly, Mr. Porter, you have developed a wonderful agency and, for this, you deserve acknowledgment for having creating an environment with a happy, courteous and interested staff. Well done!

    Thank you, sir, and best regards,”

    D.A Client
  • “Heather – In the last months of my mom’s life, you & Living Assistance Services gave her a real gift – one of support, understanding, kindness & care. I have told Sheila that my mom and dad thought of her as a second daughter. Without your patience & support, we wouldn’t have been so lucky. Thank you for making a difference when my family needed it the most. The flowers were beautiful. Lots of love.”

    K.L Client
  • “On behalf of all the family, I want to express our appreciation to your Personal Care workers – Betsy, Endiah, Dora, Wilma, Rupa and others – who helped us over the past weeks. With their compassion, humour and efficiency they helped Ron to enjoy a fairly normal routine for so long. After his health took a turn they enabled him to stay at home. We also want to thank Nastaran who was with us when Ron died. Her quiet, professional yet caring manner helped all of us to accept Ron’s final hours with a certain peace. Thanks for all your support.”

    B.C Client
  • “David, With many thanks for your kind and generous donation to the McMichael collection. Also thank you for the wonderful support Living Assistance provided for mom over the years.”

  • “Thanks to David and Sharon for all your help over the last eight years or so, since we first engaged Living Assistance. Your carers and service were exemplary and made mum and dad’s final years easier than we would have thought possible when we first realized they needed full time care.”

    P.A Client
  • “Marie-Eve is a very responsible and caring worker. I felt very comfortable having her in my home and helping me. Thank you. I will call again and hire Marie-Eve if she is available.”

    D.C.H Client
  • “It is with mixed emotions that I am moving my Mother. She could not have lasted so long at her Condo if Cynthia and LAS were not providing her with the exceptional care and service that she has enjoyed over the past several years. You all have been a god send.”

    P.M Client
  • “You provide quality, friendly, very nice caregivers and I am very happy with your service. I hope I’m remembering everyone, we’ve had the services of Flora, Amran, Gemma, Sheida, Lisa, Fariba, Mehri, Malikeh, Durlyne, Linda, Ellis, Binti, Nida, Clarita, Anna (we just met today), and I know I’m forgetting the name of one we had during the past two weeks. All are good, reliable, friendly caregivers and are very welcome back. Thank you so much!!! It certainly means a lot to me to have your company at hand!”

    E.W Client
  • “We are very pleased with the assistance and care provided by Anna Mae Thomas!”

    L.P Client
  • “With thanks to a wonderful team of angels.”

    P.N Client
  • “You have a great Caregiver named Salome Gichuki, she was the best.”

    F.B Client
  • “Thank you so much for your excellent services.”

    J.S Client
  • “Ingrid is marvelous! I am much better today because of her.”

    S.W Client
  • “Schedeline was wonderful. She’s very professional and hardworking. He’s had various caregivers in the last 14 years and he has to say she is, if not the best, the second best.”

    W.T Client
  • “All the girls are phenomenal! Great gals, I love them. No complaints at all! They learn fast, they know what he wants and make him laugh. The other day when I was there, I heard my father giggle!”

    P.D Client
  • Many thanks for the excellent care and support of my mother during the past three years. Evangelita was a compassionate and empathetic caregiver that my mother very much appreciated.

    M.R Client
  • “Thank you for your assistance David. Your personnel have demonstrated patience, professionalism and optimism. Much appreciated!”

    S.M. Client
  • The wonderful experience of using LAS is that you never find yourself ‘holding your breath’. Service delivery is 100%…100% of the time!”

    M.H. Client

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