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Robert and Ronna Lee bring more than a quarter-century of experience to Ottawa elderly caregiving. They are dedicated to helping families find solutions to issues and problems and they have the experience and education to make them trusted members of the Ottawa Living Assistance Services team.

Ottawa senior home care servicesThe Lee’s have aging parents themselves so they’ve taken the time to carefully study the kind of Ottawa senior home care services that are available. Ronna and Robert share some of the core philosophies and approaches that make them an outstanding team when it comes to home care for seniors in the Ottawa area. These include:

  • Building relationships with their clients. These folks know it’s one of the core principles. They understand the need to engage with each and every one of the elderly clients they serve to help enrich and make their lives a full experience while they stay at home.
  • They also understand the Ottawa elderly care needs to have a commitment to quality care at the highest level. That’s why they are dedicated to patients regardless of their needs, and whether they have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or another disease like cancer, Ronna and Robert are dedicated to providing top-quality care.

These people understand the central role of providing good companionship plays. To that end, they want you to be aware of the signs that your aging parent might need the help we can supply through our Ottawa home care for seniors services. These include:

  • Housekeeping where necessary. Through no fault of their own, a senior’s house can become unclean or in a state of disarray. Our senior care services not only supply much-needed companionship, our caregivers can actually help keep a senior’s place tidy which makes for a better mental attitude.
  • We can also help with nutrition if your elderly relative isn’t eating properly.

Robert and Ronna Lee are also dedicated to helping Ottawa area families navigate the health care system so their package is complete and thorough.

Getting in touch with them is all about taking a positive step forward when it comes to elder care in Ottawa. This team has the experience and compassion to take a fully rounded approach and to help everyone involved. Getting in touch with us puts the wheels in motion to change everyone’s life for the better. After a free initial consultation, we will be able to help you get the solution you need and deserve.

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