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What does home mean to you?

The “home” is very important to us at Living Assistance Services because we are dedicated to ensuring that seniors live their lives to the fullest, in as much comfort and dignity as possible in their homes. For many of our senior loved ones, “home” is their private residence, for others it might be a nursing home or retirement residence.

The dictionary defines home as “the place where one lives permanently”, however, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of home; and how we use it to mean so many different things. Home could be a place of comfort, security, peace; a place of love. For some home is a place where you can hang your hat, a place where you can relax, put your feet up.
It may be something specific about the physical details of where you’d like to live, or it could be more about how you feel when you are in the right place.

One of my favourite home-isms is…
“Home is where the heart is”

Do you have any favourite home-isms? Let us know what “home” means to you in the comments section below.

You can also join our discussion in our LinkedIn group where community members are sharing their perspective on the meaning of home.

Cheers and to a happy home for all!

David Porter

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care

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