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Maureen Gillies is perfect for all of your Waterdown elderly care service needs. She has a long history of caregiving and is devoted to making sure older people get to spend as much quality time as possible in their own homes.

Our Waterdown home care for seniors specialists have more than a few special credentials that make them a valued part of everything we do. Maureen is no exception. She’s been able to put together two decades of experience and that’s invaluable when it comes to understanding some of the finer points of our Waterdown Living Assistance Services.

Waterdown Senior Home Care Resume

One of Maureen’s largest passions in life is assisting other people who are ill and or disabled. She has a core belief that each and every individual has the right to excellent quality home care and this is especially true of elderly people. She also feels they should be in a comfortable home environment for as long as possible. Part of her job is to extend a seniors ability to stay at their own home for as long as they can.

Part of her appeal is the fact that she is diversified. Her resume also has some excellent credentials that go beyond elderly caregiving in Waterdown. For example, she has a background in human resources and business management. Combining these two makes her a perfect fit for the kind of work that she does for elderly people. Maureen has a devotion and compassion to each and every one of her clients that is unquestionable.

She is a valuable franchisee and one that we know you will enjoy doing business with. She puts family members minds at ease. People should also know that each and every one of the candidates we work with is insured. We are only too happy to provide this certificate at any time and we also have Workmen’s Compensation for each and every member of our franchise team. When it comes to Waterdwon home care for seniors, we are the clear industry leaders for a variety of different reasons. Not the least of which are the franchisees that we work with and Maureen is a fine example of what you can expect from our high standards.

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Maureen Gillies

Tel: 905.630.5499

5063 North Service Road, Suite 200
Burlington, ON L7L 5H6

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