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Five Star Caregivers – How We Honour Our Great Caregivers

Congratulations Five Star and Service Award Winners!

It takes a special person to become a caregiver. Each day in the life of a home care provider is different and some days are especially challenging. At Living Assistance Services, we understand and appreciate what our employees do not only for the company, but for those who they care for. This is why every year at this time we celebrate our Five Star Caregivers with a luncheon and a gift for their outstanding service.

What Makes a Five Star Caregiver

The criteria used for selecting our Five Star Caregivers are:

  • Punctuality
  • Flexibility
  • A good work ethic
  • Praise and good feedback from clients
  • No complaints

These are valuable assets in an employee that are appreciated and expected by us and those who enlist our home care services. Monitoring performance throughout the year and encouraging open communication with both our employees and clients ensures great service and satisfaction to employees and clients alike.

Along with providing excellent service and being model employees, our Five Star Caregivers also possess qualities that go beyond a checklist: they’re wonderful human beings with a genuine heart and deep understanding of the various needs of those they care for. Most importantly, our caregivers possess intangible traits such as loving what they do and having a kind and caring personality.

A home care provider deals with different personalities that are affected by various circumstances and challenges that can change from day to day. As a good home care aid, they understand that those receiving home health care may feel vulnerable or scared and are able to show compassion and kindness particularly when things get challenging. They’re patient and professional, and able to handle even the most difficult situations while remaining calm, which often provides the comfort and reassurance that the care recipient needs.

Our Five Star Caregivers have a natural knack for understanding those they care for and their individual needs and capabilities. They’re respectful and mindful of the need for independence and encourage it, while still providing the support that the person receiving home care requires and allowing them the dignity they deserve.

We encourage those who enlist our home care services to choose their caregiver so that you can be sure that their personality is a good fit. This makes for a great experience all around; ensuring happy clients and employees. A win-win!

David Porter, CPCA


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