What’s in the ebook?

  1. How mealtimes can support your loved one’s vibrant lifestyle.
  2. Ways in which you can use nature to stimulate the senses and preserve a sense of place in the world for your loved one.
  3. How you can continue to make physical activity part of your loved one’s daily life.
  4. The role that appropriate music can play in reducing agitation and aggression.
  5. Ways that you can enjoy the moment and continue bringing meaning to your loved one’s life.
  6. How you can support your loved one’s dignity and sense of self while providing intimate care.
  7. How routines and scheduling can help create a calming, soothing atmosphere.
  8. How you can approach your loved one’s limitations with patience and compassion.


R & B Baxter Smith

“I want to thank you, David and Living Assistance Services, for all your council and understanding with my mother. It is a hard task to deal with the progression of anyone suffering with Alzheimer’s and I thank you for your help.