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Why you should hire a caregiver from Living Assistance Services

The decision to hire a caregiver to help support aging loved ones is a big step, but it is also one of the best choices you can make for your family. A Personal Support Worker (PSW) can assist seniors with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs) while providing light housekeeping, meal preparation and joyful companionship. They can accompany seniors to medical appointments and help them run errands, or simply join them outdoors for a pleasant walk and some fresh air. This relationship allows families to focus on quality time instead of acts of service, maintaining their bond and avoiding caregiver burnout.

Having a PSW available to support your family is a wonderful thing. That said, it can be difficult to distinguish between various service providers if you have never worked with them directly. Today, we’d like to share a few reasons why so many families in Toronto and across the GTA trust Living Assistance Services with their loved one’s care.

Client service matters to us

At Living Assistance Services, we value our clients as people—they are never just a number. We believe in delivering care with compassion and respect and will always put the best interests of our clients first. We are available by phone or email whenever you need us, and we ensure that all communication is clear and courteous. If you are interested in learning more, we would be pleased to offer a consultation or share testimonials from current clients. This can offer reassurance, particularly if you’re new to in-home caregiving services.

We’re consistent and reliable

 Living Assistance Services in Toronto recognises that getting a different caregiver every day or even every week isn’t ideal. Our team strives to match clients with a caregiver who is a great fit for them and schedule that same caregiver regularly. If your loved one needs 24/7 care, there may be several caregivers on a rotating schedule. This allows a sense of genuine trust and comfort to develop and helps build reliable routines. 

Of course, life inevitably happens and sometimes, another trusted PSW will step in to cover a shift. We would rather send another excellent caregiver to your home rather than cancel when you depend on us. Reliability is key to our service, and we always have a wonderful team of caregivers on call. Consistency is of prime importance as we feel this works best for our clients.

We handle things personally

At our core, Living Assistance Services is a small business. Each of our locations is independently operated by a local team that knows the community and cares deeply about supporting seniors. Instead of dealing with a huge corporation that hires hundreds of PSWs, our clients interact with a small team that knows them by name. We handle things personally and with great care, and we believe this makes all the difference.

We are available when you need us

When it comes to your loved ones, you should not have to wait for support or an answer to a question. As we mentioned above, a representative from Living Assistance Services is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes weekends and holidays (often a busy time for us, as clients may require respite care as their family members travel). If you need us, just call—we would be happy to help. To learn more, please visit our services page or contact us.

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