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What does light housekeeping include?

When you book a caregiver from Living Assistance Services in Toronto to support aging family members at home, it’s often to help them with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This includes things like bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and other day-to-day tasks that come with independent living. Our caregivers also offer support with meal prep and cleanup, can accompany seniors on errands and may perform light housekeeping tasks during each visit. This can be a great help to seniors, particularly if their ADL needs don’t take up an entire shift and there is time to focus on complementary services. 

All of our services are delivered with compassion and respect, and our caregivers strive to provide joyful companionship during each and every visit. Light housekeeping is a wonderful complement to other personal services as it supports a higher quality of life and allows seniors to feel safer and more comfortable in their home. Here’s a brief overview of some of the housekeeping tasks our caregivers can help with. 

Tidying up

Our caregivers are not dedicated house cleaners, so they typically will not scrub bathrooms or perform deep cleaning services. However, they are available to provide support with light housekeeping tasks such as changing bed sheets and/or making beds, tidying up a room, taking out the trash and emptying the recycling bin, or other small jobs that help keep a home clean and organized. They may replace rolls of toilet paper and refill hand soaps, or help change a cat’s litter box, for example. 

A clean house is a happy house—one that seniors can take pride in. The simple act of washing and replacing bed sheets can be a huge help for older individuals who struggle with these tasks. After all, it feels wonderful to climb into a freshly made bed with clean sheets! 

Assistance with laundry

Laundry is one of those never-ending housekeeping tasks we just can’t avoid, but it can become more difficult with age. Clothing can be heavy and if balance or mobility is an issue, doing the laundry can be challenging or even dangerous for seniors (this is particularly true in a multi-level home where the use of stairs is required). 

Our dedicated Personal Support Workers (PSWs) can help clients by completing a load of laundry during their shift. This includes washing, drying and folding clothes upon request, or even putting them away in drawers and closets. They can also replace linens in the kitchen and bathrooms with freshly washed items. Not only is this pleasant for clients and their guests, it supports good health and hand hygiene. 

Doing the dishes

Our caregivers are often present at mealtime and will assist with both preparing and serving meals as needed. After a client has enjoyed their breakfast, lunch or dinner, our caregivers will complete the task by hand-washing dishes or loading the dishwasher. They’ll also wipe down any dirty counters in order to leave the kitchen neat and clean. It’s a small part of their responsibility for the day, but it makes a big impact for seniors who appreciate both cleanliness and routine. 

Living Assistance Services believes in delivering personalized care that supports independent living and helps seniors thrive at home for as long as possible. To learn more or receive a quote, please reach out to our team. We’d be pleased to hear from you.

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