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Taking a Vacation When You Have an Elderly Parent

Hire a caregiver for just 4 hours a day. No commitment but all the peace of mind.

Borders are opening back up and we could all use a vacation after this long lockdown. For people with elderly parents, getting away can seem like an impossible feat. With all the worries and responsibilities, many family caregivers find it easier to just forgo a much-needed vacation than try to deal with all the details, and let’s face it, the guilt. But what if you had some help?

You can hire a caregiver for just 4 hours per day with no commitment so you can enjoy your time away knowing your parent is being cared for.

The importance of vacation for caregivers

Family caregivers are already overstressed and over worked. Research shows that people who look after a loved one, even if just for a few hours a day, often suffer from anxiety and depression and have an increased risk of burnout and illness. The pandemic has made this even worse.

Getting away gives you the opportunity to rest and recharge so you can be at your best for your loved ones.

How a professional caregiver can help

You don’t need to commit to a full-time, live-in caregiver if that’s not what your parent needs. You can hire our friendly caregivers to help out just 4 hours per day, no commitment.

Our friendly and fully vaccinated caregivers are available to help your parent with the same tasks that many adult children often take on. Things like laundry and tidying up, cooking, and shopping. You may be surprised to learn that our caregivers can also help with pet care by taking your parent’s pet for a walk. And, let’s not forget that our caregivers can also provide companionship in the way of a chat over a cup of tea, playing cards and games, or going for walks together.

If you’re ready to travel, give us a call to learn more about how one of our caregivers can be here for your parent while you’re away.

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