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Seniors’ Month – June 2018

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario. Throughout the month, different communities will be holding events to celebrate seniors and all that they contribute. This year’s theme is “Now’s the time to start something new”. The theme highlights that you’re never too old to start something new and that aging doesn’t prevent us from leading fulfilling lives.

At Living Assistance Services, we’re especially excited about this year’s theme because everything we do is to help seniors continue to live fulfilling lives by providing the help they need to do so, regardless of any challenges they face.

In honor of Senior’s Month in Ontario, we want to showcase a few of our awe-inspiring clients who embody this theme in every way.

Meet some of our inspiring seniors

Gert, 93

Gertrude has been using our in-home care services since her hip replacement surgery almost 7 years ago. While she can’t get around as easily as she once did, that hasn’t stopped her from trying new things. Since becoming our client, Gertrude has joined a senior’s fitness group, taken a workshop to learn how to use an iPad, and recently, with the help of her caregiver, who is “just like a daughter to her”, organized a ladies bridge group that meets every week! Age is certainly not slowing her down and we’re happy to do our part so that she can keep on doing her thing.

Paul, 76

Paul has been one of our clients since he became a widower 2 years ago. Like a lot of people who have spent most of their lives as a part of a couple, Paul admitted to feeling lost when his wife passed away and “not even knowing how to use an ATM or make a meal”. Every single day since starting this phase of his life has been an example of how you can always start something new. We have watched him not only learn to use that ATM, but Paul also enrolled in cooking classes at the local grocery store where he’s learned to make several exotic dishes—a few of which his home care professional has had the pleasure of tasting on her visits! It turns out he has recently started something new again, this time with a lovely woman he met in cooking class! We continue to be inspired by Paul and other seniors who find themselves navigating this season of their lives with gusto.

Janice, 84

With all of her family living outside of the GTA, Janice enlisted our help being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition in 2013. Her health issues require regular in-home health care services, but rather than seeing that as a hindrance, Janice has embraced this new phase of her life. She calls her caregiver her “partner in crime” because of all the things they do together. Janice admitted that she threw herself “a bit of a pity party” when her health began to decline and she realized that she needed home care. She beams now when she talks about what a “godsend” her caregiver has been. With her help, Janice has been able to attend fundraising events at her church and even started baking cookies for their bake sales and making crafts for their holiday bazaars.  They enjoy weekly lunches out and play cards on the balcony when the weather turns warm—something she just learned to do recently having never played cards before!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and adventures

Living Assistance Services began with desire to help people grow older in their own homes safely and independently. Every day we are honoured to be able to do this by offering flexible services provided by outstanding senior care professionals who embody what we stand for.

We want to thank all of our senior clients for the wisdom, experiences, and inspiration they share with us each and every day. We have spent the past 18 years providing senior care in the GTA and have had the pleasure of meeting many amazing seniors who continue to inspire us to provide the best care we can.

This month and every month, we celebrate you and all you do.

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care

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