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Retirement Home Care in Toronto

In the Greater Toronto Area, many seniors engage the services of a Personal Support Worker (PSW). Most of these workers support the home care health needs, personal needs, and household needs of people who wish to remain as independent as possible in their own homes. Over time, many clients and caregivers develop excellent working relationships, with the PSW becoming familiar with what the client needs and how he/she prefers it to be done in a home care situation. If a family member has ever had the support of a caregiver, you know how valuable this type of relationship can be.

In some cases, a senior’s family decides that his or her needs are such that they can best be met by moving to a retirement home. But these families may not be aware that many retirement home residents also engage the services of a PSW from outside agencies.

The Best of Care

There are many reasons why your family member can benefit from having a PSW work for you in the retirement home. Here are some of them:

  • Personalized service. While nursing home staff may be excellent, they have a number of clients to look after. A dedicated PSW from an outside agency can become very familiar with what is required and provide your family member with individualized service.
  • Constant monitoring. With a PSW dedicated to your family member, you can be sure that assistance is available at all times. If he or she needs help to get to the washroom, for example, it can be difficult to depend on retirement home staff who may be busy with another resident’s needs. Your PSW will be available when you need them. As well, if your family member has complex medical needs, it provides peace of mind to know that someone who understands these needs will be attending to them constantly.
  • Observations. Recent news stories have highlighted neglect and abuse in some Ontario retirement homes. Having an independent PSW on site can provide your family with an objective pair of eyes. If your loved one is not receiving the care he/she should be, the PSW will be able to make family members aware of this.
  • Comfort. Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia can become easily confused, agitated, or upset. Having a familiar face nearby can help to keep him/her calm. Similarly, if your family member’s first language or culture is important to them, it may be hugely beneficial for you to engage a caregiver who shares that mother tongue and culture. If your family member already has a relationship with a PSW, it’s possible he/she may be allowed to continue to work in the retirement home.
  • Companionship. There are many times of the day in retirement homes when there may be little for residents to do. Having a dedicated PSW means that your loved one always has someone that they can talk to, go for a walk or simply play cards.
Premium Care-giving

If you think your family member could benefit from having a dedicated PSW to attend to him/her at a retirement home, call a premium home care agency today. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved one is well cared for is invaluable.

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