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Making Mother’s Day 2018 a Day to Remember

Any mother will tell you that the best Mother’s Day present you can give is simply being present.

Mother’s Day, or any day really, can be difficult for adult children whose roles have shifted as the result of aging or illness. Taking on the role of caregiver for the woman who always cared for you isn’t easy and even less so when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility or just saddened by the challenges that come with aging. This day can also be difficult for those who don’t have children to celebrate with or those who are unable to spend the day with their children because of distance or other challenges.

Making Mother’s Day Special: How a Caregiver Can Help

Though not a son or daughter by blood, professional caregivers often take on the role of a son or daughter. It’s not surprising given the amount of time that a home health care provider spends with the care recipient. The role often entails more than just providing home health care; many provide companionship as well. All of these things lead to a meaningful bond built on compassion, trust, and respect.

Whether it’s attending a Mother’s Day brunch at a favourite restaurant or just spending time together playing cards and enjoying a cup of tea; a caregiver can be there to help make the day special in the absence of a son or daughter to celebrate with.

For children who have taken on the role of their mother’s caregiver, finding the time or energy to make the day special can be hard, especially if there are mobility issues or illness involved. Home health care workers offer respite care and other services that provide the family caregiver with the help they need to celebrate the day free of stress. From help with getting your mother to and from a restaurant or other outing, to help preparing a special meal, a caregiver can help you give your mother the best present of all this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day from Living Assistance Services.

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care

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