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Maureen Gillies is the obvious choice for Flamborough senior home care. The decades of experience she has in the workforce only adds to the caring and compassionate nature which is one of the foundations of her popularity among Living Assistance Services Flamborough clients.

Here’s a few other things that make a difference on her Flamborough elderly care résumé;

  • Her unwavering belief in compassion. Maureen is committed to the humanitarian approach which asserts that each and every elderly person should be able to live in their home for as long as possible. She believes that each and every person who requires home care should be entitled to first-rate elderly care at a reasonable cost and be comfortable in their own environment. This is one of the reasons that Maureen, as the Owner, Operator and Director of Living Assistance Services Flamborough provides first-rate home care for her senior clients.
  • Ms. Gillies has a first-rate history in management, business and volunteer work which helps her to excel at her elderly care efforts in Flamborough. Because of the type of work that she does, she’s been able to observe how making special arrangements for senior home care enables her clients to remain in their own homes, as long as possible. This can make a tremendous difference in the quality and length of their lives.

It’s important for families to understand how to present the idea of the caregiver to their elderly parent or relative. Ms. Gillies suggests a solution for those senior loved ones who are initially resisting having the extra help. She says by introducing them to another senior who is happy with the services they receive, the oft-stubborn mother or father might appreciate the benefits of having home care help.

It’s also possible to find a caregiver who understands the care recipient’s particular situation, and who has the necessary training in helping elderly care recipients who initially will not accept any kind of assistance. Maureen likes to encourage our home care clients to meet with several caregivers to choose one they feel is best suited to their loved one in advance of service. She is confident that families or individuals seeking Flamborough home care will appreciate the obvious benefit in choosing an individual who has the experience and attitude to provide the quality of elderly care service which is required. Contacting Maureen is easy (905-630-5499) and when you do, we are very sure that you’ll feel a connection and the loss of stress in worrying about your loved one’s home care situation.

It’s also good to know that Maureen has been living nearby in Burlington for a very long time and that she is an engaged member of the community.

Ms. Gillies’ services include;

  • Personal care assistance (bathing, dressing, hygiene and laundry)
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication supervision
  • Escorting to shopping and appointments
  • RN/RPN supervised care

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Maureen Gillies

Tel: 905.630.5499

5063 North Service Road, Suite 200
Burlington, ON L7L 5H6

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“…I am very happy with my caregiver. Jessica is a delight and so very helpful.”


“Thanks for sending me ‘one of your best’. I hope to see Eugenia again.”


“Your agency was always courteous and efficient in any dealing I had with them.”


“Thanks to my thoughtful friends at Living Assistance…It is assuring to know that someone, besides family, cares for you and will help when needed.”


“Ludy was a big help. Please thank her again.”

M.E.W & B.W.

“Thank you for your tenacious efforts on my behalf. I’m glad to have Jill back already. I need her help badly and she is lovely to have around.”


“I was always very happy with the professional service that you provided. You would call me if a helper was changed. Great service for Grandma. Thanks again.”