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Maureen Gillies has enjoyed two decades of experience working in elderly care together with various management duties specializing in human resources roles. She is the Director, Owner and Operator of the Living Assistance Services Ancaster home care team.

Maureen has dedicated herself to helping those with illnesses and disabilities who require home care. She’s passionate about elder care and making sure that seniors in need of any kind of special attention receive the home care services that they deserve. She has focused her agency and her efforts to excel in home care for seniors and is committed to the concept that seniors should be offered an opportunity to live independently in their home for as long as possible.

Maureen also has a distinguished portfolio of volunteer work with an emphasis on elderly care. Her devotion to various senior centres is just one of the many attributes which enables her to be the leader of the elder care team at Living Assistance Services Ancaster.

Wonderful Senior Home Care

One of the other attributes that Maureen has is the ability to bring your own personalized experience to work with senior home care. For example, she has helped her own family members to stay at home. This has given her the ability to see the tremendous comfort they get from being able to stay in their homes for as long as possible. She’s also been an eyewitness to how compassion and dedication from the helpers around them aid seniors to stay engaged and productive for as long as possible in their own dwellings.

Excellent Elderly Care In Ancaster

Maureen resides in Burlington and is delighted to be engaged in the community she loves. As well as being responsive to the needs of the elderly, she is a responsible and caring individual who is universally loved and appreciated and respected by neighbours and friends alike.

Ms. Gillies has dedicated herself to to making sure that each and every elderly care client receives the kind of quality care they deserve including safety and empathy. As a result of her extensive business background in human resources management, the caregivers she employs and the resultant first-rate service she provides to her clients is a step above the competition. It is this dedication to excellence which sets her agency miles apart.

Home Care For Seniors

It is reassuring to know that Living Assistance Services Ancaster can provide home care services very quickly. Elderly care services are usually available within 24 hours if not same day. Maureen would be delighted to hear from you so she can arrange a complimentary assessment or family meeting.

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Maureen Gillies

Tel: 905.630.5499

5063 North Service Road, Suite 200
Burlington, ON L7L 5H6

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“Thank you so much for your support and wonderful care of Dad over these past years. Your steady guidance and advice when we needed it have been so much appreciated and you made Dad’s life more enjoyable with your excursions, treats and lively visits. We are very grateful for everything you’ve done.”


“…Mailyn was super! I’d love to have a repeat performance. Will be in touch. Thanks so much.”


“We appreciate the help and the personal service you provided during her recent illness.”

Dr. J.

“Mom is well…loves Jessica and very happy with twice a week…Jessica giver her companionship…they have bonded deeply.”


“A special thank you as well to all the wonderful women who helped care for my father and especially Maria…my daughters and I will be forever grateful to you and his caregivers.”


“I would definitely ask for each of these 3 caregivers again. They are skillful, responsible and very, very helpful.”


“Overall, I found a high level of professionalism and a lot of warmth. Will recommend to others.”


“You have brought spring into the living room, and reminded me how fortunate I am to have kind people to help me.”