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Opal Rowe has the experience and background to be one of the best people working in the Thornhill elderly caregiving industry. One look at her extensive resume and you’ll quickly see why we feel that way at Thornhill Living Assistance Services.

  • She has an extensive background with Thornhill senior home care. In fact she even started her own home care for seniors business at one time because she was dissatisfied with the level of service she saw around her. It’s that kind of all-encompassing compassion and dedication to Thornhill elderly care that makes Opal stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Beyond the work she does for her Thornhill home care for seniors business, Opal also has time to give back to her community which makes her a well-rounded person. She’s on the Board of Directors for West Toronto senior support services and has recently been named the next president of the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re interested in getting more information about the complete and outstanding services Opal provides, you can start by filling out the form on our website to get a free no obligation consultation which will look at your care needs.

Opal’s philosophy centers around service and that is the paramount ideal where seniors and their families get transparent communication and the very best in services which include:

  • Housekeeping chores. Through no fault of their own sometimes a senior’s house may become untidy as they age and become less able to manage the day to day tasks. Opal’s Thornhill elderly caregiving services include this essential aspect because she knows how important a tidy house is to the overall well-being of our elderly population.
  • Nutrition. As people age they quite often are incapable of keeping up their nutrition and that’s where Thornhill elderly caregiving services come into play. By helping to provide nutritional food choices, we can help them in the regard.
  • Social activities. Quite often seniors can feel isolated and lonely and Opal understands just how to help here as well. Part of her business is making sure they get to enjoy social functions with their peers.

Thornhill home care for seniors

It’s always valuable for us to understand what situation your elderly parent is in before we can supply the right caregiving needs. We can always do a much better job when we understand how our caregiving services can best suit your elderly relatives needs. Keep in mind, we take great care to make sure we hire only the best people and our vetting process is thorough and complete. After all, that’s how we wound up forming a close association with Opal and her Thornhill home care for seniors services.

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Opal Rowe, M.Sc, MBA, CPCA

Willowdale, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan

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