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The Stanley’s have a reputation in their community for helping seniors with elderly care. Their approach is compassionate and is founded on the model they use to look after their own immediate relatives. The elderly care giving techniques that they have mastered are also useful for a variety of different age groups.

The Stanley’s have been instrumental in creating children’s workshops that mimic the kinds of care giving activities that come in useful for home care for seniors. This husband and wife team are dedicated and committed to caring for your loved ones.

Elderly Care in Brampton

Jacqueline and Garey have two decades of customer service experience in the field. As well, they have extensive experience in finance and communications. Their close association with Living Assistance Services provides them with the ability to supply a host of traditions like integrity and the highest degree of excellence. 

When you’re looking for Brampton senior home care that goes above and beyond, this duo are compassionate and caring industry leaders. Living Assistance Services has always been your number one choice for providing seniors the ability to stay in their homes longer and Jacqueline and Garey are fine examples of the help you’ll get. 

Brampton senior home care excellence

When you’re looking for  trustworthy and compassionate Brampton senior home care services, this is the couple that can provide and exceed your expectations. Establishing a balance and order in a senior’s life so they can enjoy their home is the priority for these fine people. 

From grocery shopping to errands to personal services that includes mobility assistance and even care for more serious conditions, this is the duo you can trust.

Brampton elderly care since 2000

We have been involved with elderly care since the year 2000 and that gives us a long-standing reputation when it comes to excellence in senior care in Brampton. Living Assistance Services prides itself on the kind of caring compassionate approach that has provided it with a long list of satisfied clients and their families.

Of course the Stanley’s are a fine example of the kind of people that are associated with excellence in senior home care. They help us to stay true to our vision which is providing the most professional and affordable health care possible for people who need our assistance.

The success that we have enjoyed over the last two decades is the result of way we hire. We work with only the best caregivers who understand our vision and who have accepted it fully.

Jacqueline and Garey are fine examples of our elderly care principles in Brampton, Ontario.

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