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Indoor and Physical Distanced Outdoor Summer Activities for You and Your Caregiver

The need for physical distancing doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on summer fun! With the help of your caregiver – and some crafty ideas from us – you can enjoy the indoors and outdoors while protecting yourself from Covid-19.

Let’s get the fun started!

Indoor activities for you and your caregiver


  • Fancy feast – Let your caregiver help you pull out all the stops to create a fancy feast, including picking up and preparing your favourite most decadent treats or even just an assortment of frozen hors d’oeuvres. Set the scene with your best tablecloth and dishes, flowers, and candles. If you’d like to have friends and loved ones get in on the fun, do it via video chat. And don’t forget to dress up and have your caregiver and virtual guests do the same! It is a fancy feast, after all!
  • Game night – Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition! Enjoy your favourite card or board games and go all-out for game night – or day – complete with fun snacks that your caregiver can add to the weekly shopping list.
  • Write letters or cards – Modern technology is great, but there’s nothing like receiving some good old-fashioned snail mail. Your caregiver can help you write and mail letters to friends and family or health heroes who have been working so hard to keep us all safe. If you enjoy getting crafty, have your caregiver pick up a few supplies so you can make cards. Tip: Dollar stores have a great assortment!

Outdoor activities for you and your caregiver


  • A picnic – Your caregiver can help you choose a safe place for a picnic keeping physical distancing in mind. This may be in your backyard, garden, a local park, or by a lake or river. If space permits, invite a few friends and family to your picnic. Just have everyone bring their own food and blanket or chair to sit on and be sure everyone remains at least 2m apart.
  • Outdoor movie night – There’s nothing like enjoying a movie under the stars and fortunately, there are a few ways your caregiver can help you do this safely. Drive-ins are one way if you happen to live somewhat close to one. You can also check with your local community center or recreation facility to see if there are any outdoor movies or plays coming up, now that outdoor gatherings are allowed with certain restrictions. If you prefer to stick to the safety of home, a projector borrowed from the local library and a plain white sheet is all your caregiver needs to help you have a movie night in your own yard.
  • Fruit picking – What better way to enjoy the warm weather and some exercise than a trip to a local farm to pick your own fruit. Your caregiver can help you get around the farm and pick anything that’s out of reach. The best part – aside from the sunshine and great company – is getting to take your pickings back home for a healthy snack or to bake with!

Happy summer!

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