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How a PSW can help seniors attend appointments and run errands safely

Medical appointments are a fact of life and as we age, they typically become more frequent. Seniors often deal with a number of different medical personnel based in different locations: their family doctor, an eye doctor or hearing specialist, and others like a geriatrician, Diabetes specialist or foot clinic. If your loved one has chronic pain or neurological issues such as Parkinson’s Disease or dementia, they may see a doctor even more frequently. It can be hard to keep up!

While family members often step in to help take seniors to medical appointments, it can be challenging for some individuals to take time off work or travel from out of town to provide support. Fortunately, there are other options for seniors who require assistance. Here’s how a dedicated Personal Support Worker (PSW) from Living Assistance Services can help.

Helping seniors stay on top of their health

Many of our caregivers are able to drive seniors to and from their medical appointments. In some cases, they may accompany your loved one using a cab or other transportation service. In either case, they’ll ensure that your loved one arrives safely and on time, being attentive to falling hazards or other risks related to decreased mobility. If your loved one is  sent for follow-up care such as blood work or an MRI, our PSWs will continue to provide one-one-one assistance. Our caregivers are also able to sit in on doctor’s appointments upon request, and may take notes to share with family members later on. This is all done with the senior’s explicit permission and comfort. (Alternatively, caregivers may remain in the waiting room during medical appointments—whatever is preferred.)

By having our PSWs help your loved one attend medical appointments, it enables them to stay on top of the healthcare needs. No more missing or delaying appointments while you figure out which family member can drive them that day—it will all be taken care of so the next time you visit your loved one, you can focus on quality time instead of logistics. 

Fresh air and fun

Accompanying seniors on errands doesn’t just involve medical care. Many of our clients want to go shopping or run errands for pleasure. This may include a trip to the mall or a favourite store, or a walk to a local bakery. In any case, our caregivers can accompany them and provide support as needed. This is both practical and a form of joyful companionship, which is of great benefit to seniors.

Finally, it can be great to simply get outside and enjoy a walk in the park. Our PSWs are able to accompany seniors on walks or take them outdoors using mobility devices such as walkers or wheelchairs. This allows seniors to enjoy a change of scenery while getting gentle exercise, helping them feel physically and mentally well. Fresh air and sunshine are important, as is supporting mental health. Getting outside is possible in any season, and with the support of a caregiver, it can be done safely and on a regular basis.

Please contact us to learn more

If you’re interested in learning more about in-home caregiver services in the Toronto and Greater Toronto areas, please contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer personalized recommendations. Our team is dedicated to helping seniors live safely and independently in their own homes, and would be pleased to hear from you.

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