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Family Day: The Special Bond between seniors and Their Caregivers

With Family Day upon us again, it’s only fitting that we discuss a very important relationship, which while not family by blood, is one worth celebrating: The relationship between the caregiver and the care recipient.

The bond between a home health care provider and the person receiving care is one of trust, admiration, and respect. This bond is even more important when a senior doesn’t have family close by, which can be especially difficult during family-centered holidays.

It’s About More Than Home Care Services

Home health care providers provide so much more than just home care services. They’re a daily fixture in the person’s life and in a position to fill the void of the son or daughter who is not able to be there.

As caregivers, they often make a significant impact on the life of the person receiving elderly care. Not only are they there to help with activities of daily living or provide home care medical services, but they also greatly improve the person’s quality of life by making daily tasks easier and providing social stimulation—something that many seniors, unfortunately lack.

The Proof is in the Pudding

A 2009 study led by John Hopkins and Utah State University found that Alzheimer’s patients who had close relationships with their caregivers had a slower decline in their mind and brain function. The beneficial effect of an emotional bond with their caregiver was found to be on par with some of the drugs that are used to treat the disease. While the study mainly focused on family members in the role of caregiver, the benefits of having an in-home care provider that they trust and feel close to are undeniable.

Home Care Providers Are Good for the Entire Family

Holidays aren’t just difficult for the elderly, but also their children and other family members who may not be able to see their aging loved one. It’s heartbreaking to think of your elderly parent spending a holiday, especially “Family Day” without a family member in sight. Elderly home care providers can ease some of that sadness and guilt by being there and caring for them when you can’t.

They may not be related, but they are able to be there to make life easier by providing quality home care, as well as companionship, whether by reading to them, playing cards with them or just listening.

With the right home care provider, they never have to feel alone.

Happy Family Day!

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care


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