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Co-housing for older adults

Regardless of your age or situation when Golden Girls hit the airwaves, chances are that you, like so many others, thought that their living arrangement seemed like a good deal. Certainly better than Shady Pines, like Sophia often joked about!

Co-housing for older adults, also often called “home sharing for seniors”, is when two or more single, widowed, or divorced seniors move in together as roommates. This trend in housing for seniors is actually an old concept that’s long been practiced in Europe and finally catching on in North America.

The Benefits of a Co-Sharing for Seniors

The thought of living alone as we age can be a bit daunting when you consider financial challenges, health issues, and a shrinking social and support network that often accompanies aging. Loneliness and isolation are also a very real problem for many seniors. The majority of seniors want to remain in their homes as long as possible rather than going into a senior care facility and moving in with their children isn’t always possible or even desirable. Taking on a housemate can remedy all of these things.

By sharing your home with another senior, you enjoy companionship, which has been shown to have a number of mental and physical health benefits. Seniors who live with others tend to be healthier, happier because they have friendship and support, eat better, and exercise more.

It Makes Home Care More Affordable

Home care services help seniors continue to live at home longer by helping with tasks that become difficult or by providing advanced home healthcare when a person has health issues. When two or more seniors decide to live together, home care becomes more affordable because they are able to split the costs.

Professional caregivers can come in and help with chores such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation that both parties can benefit from. It also eliminates the need to battle out who’s going to get stuck with what chore! Home care services can also be modified to include home health care should one or both seniors require them due to an injury, illness, or recovering from surgery.

Living with another person provides the comfort of safety and independence. Splitting the cost of professional home care can help you both enjoy safety and independence even longer, regardless of any health challenges that may come up.

David Porter, CPCA

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