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Caring for Seniors with Diabetes

Tips for those living with diabetes together with elderly care information on how to live and deal with diabetes. Learn about the warning signs, resultant dietary decisions and potential complications for those with type 2 diabetes.

Home Care Insurance

Many individuals are not aware that home care/elderly care insurance can be purchased to cover the expense of home health care.

Seniors and Food Choices

Tips and recipes for seniors who wish to eat nutritious meals and live longer!

Falls – Tips for Seniors

Falls can result in serious injury and even have a long-term impact on your need for elder care and the quality of your loved ones life.

Resources for Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia and Alzheimer’s is something that affects many Canadian families. According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, over 72% of those affected are women. The disease is very hard on family members, many of whom are tasked with caring for their parents (or other relatives) as the disease progresses.

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