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How Caring for Your Elderly Parent Impacts Your Health

Caring for an aging parent has become more difficult than it once was as we are in the throes of what has been coined the “sandwich generation”. The term “sandwich generation” refers to a generation of people, usually middle-aged, who care for their aging parents while still supporting their own children. Elderly Care Usually Falls … Continue reading How Caring for Your Elderly Parent Impacts Your Health

Hearing and Vision Loss as We Age

We rely on our hearing and vision for everything from communicating to navigating the world around us. As we age, these two important senses begin to decline. According to the Canadian Hearing Society, hearing loss is the most prevalent chronic condition affecting older adults and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) reports that … Continue reading Hearing and Vision Loss as We Age

What is the Secret to Maintaining Client Loyalty?

You would think that with all the competition in the non-medical home care that somebody out there would be doing things the way Living Assistance Services does…but nobody seems to. It is probably because our Director, David Porter, strives to maintain a system that is personalized, with the emphasis on building relationships.  And not just … Continue reading What is the Secret to Maintaining Client Loyalty?

Leaving the Hospital Today?

Planning ahead to have the help you need after surgery is important, but it’s easy to overlook the details when you’re dealing with health issues. Though some notice is certainly better, we are able to arrange help for you within 24 to 48 hours if needed. How we do it If you need help with … Continue reading Leaving the Hospital Today?

Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the most important man in your life, but it can be bittersweet when your father is at a vulnerable age. Seeing your father frailer and unable to do many of the things he was once able to is difficult. He’s always been the rock of the family, after … Continue reading Father’s Day 2018

Seniors’ Month – June 2018

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario. Throughout the month, different communities will be holding events to celebrate seniors and all that they contribute. This year’s theme is “Now’s the time to start something new”. The theme highlights that you’re never too old to start something new and that aging doesn’t prevent us from leading fulfilling … Continue reading Seniors’ Month – June 2018

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

According to the most recent information from Statistics Canada, women are living 4 years longer on average than men. Researchers have found reasons why women may live longer than men. While genetics may play a small role in women’s longevity, lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Oh How Things Have Changed! An American … Continue reading Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Making Mother’s Day 2018 a Day to Remember

Any mother will tell you that the best Mother’s Day present you can give is simply being present. Mother’s Day, or any day really, can be difficult for adult children whose roles have shifted as the result of aging or illness. Taking on the role of caregiver for the woman who always cared for you … Continue reading Making Mother’s Day 2018 a Day to Remember

The Growing Burden of Unpaid Senior Care in Canada

Seniors now outnumber children in Canada and with the baby boomer population booming, there are more seniors than ever requiring care. While Canada certainly offers some options for senior care, more and more family members and friends are taking on the responsibilities of caregiving, often whether they’re financially or emotionally able to or not. Family … Continue reading The Growing Burden of Unpaid Senior Care in Canada


If you ask a retired person what surprised them most about retirement, most will tell you it was the unexpected costs. Contrary to popular belief, OHIP is not universal health care by any stretch; there’s no such thing as universal health care. It’s easy to see how one can be misled with doctor visits and … Continue reading IT PAYS TO PLAN AHEAD!

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