Celebrating Easter and Passover with Help

Think that hosting a big family dinner is no longer a possibility as a senior who requires care? Think again! A senior home care provider’s duties are wide-ranging and can include the help you need to pull off a family dinner and help you celebrate Easter and Passover the way you always have.

How a Home Care Aide Can Help

Easter is special time of worship and/or traditions that many spend enjoying with family and friends, whether by hosting a big family dinner or attending church services, or both. As wonderful as the holiday can be, it can also be stressful and tiring, especially if you’re a senior who requires extra care or you’re caring for an aging parent. Fortunately, a professional caregiver can help in more ways than you realize.

Many think that the job of senior home care worker is limited to personal and home health care, when in actuality; a professional caregiver can take on many roles and assist with many of the tasks related to celebrating Easter and other holidays.

Some of the tasks that you can hire senior care provider to take on this Easter include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Party planning
  • Decorating
  • Cleaning
  • Running errands

A senior personal support worker can also escort the care recipient or accompany them and their family to church, parties and dinners, and other celebrations so that this special time can be spent enjoying each other’s company and the festivities without the added stress and pressure of doing it all.

Senior Caregivers – There when it Matters Most

Holidays can be an especially lonely time for seniors whose family and friends aren’t close by or those who don’t get out much because of mobility and health issues. One of the most important roles that a senior care helper takes on is that of companion and friend. If spending Easter with loved ones isn’t possible, you can enlist the help of a senior home care provider to prepare a special meal and share this special time with. Joyful companionship allows you or your aging parent to enjoy friendly conversation, a home cooked meal, and other special Easter traditions, like reading from the bible or even painting Easter eggs.

Celebrating Easter and Passover at home or out and about doesn’t need to be difficult thanks to the many wonderful roles of a senior home care provider.

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care

Hit the road! It’s Spring! Activities for seniors and their Caregivers

Spring is here and with the warmer weather our thoughts turn to Spring Break, vacations, and just getting out and enjoying the beauty of the season. Unfortunately, for those with elderly parents, planning trips of any length can be stressful or even seem impossible.

Mom and dad don’t need to be stuck in the house just because they require home care—you can take elderly care on the road! With the help of a qualified caregiver, your parents can continue to enjoy outings, whether a day trip or even a vacation in Florida.

Taking Elderly Care on the Road

Home care services for seniors can be catered to meet your elderly parents’ needs at home or away so that they can continue to get out of the house and travel as they please. Hiring an elderly care provider can also make it possible for you to take family vacations together. This means being able to make memories together as a family that you will all cherish forever thanks to qualified senior care that takes the pressure off so you can focus on enjoying each other.

Having a senior care provider accompany your parents on a trip, whether they’re travelling with or without you, will allow them to continue to receive the same assisted living care while away from home. This includes help with day to day tasks like bathing and medications, as well as assistance with things like airline or hotel check-ins and getting out and exploring.

Are you your parent’s primary caregiver? Even if you provide all of their care and aren’t using professional home care services, you can still hire a caregiver to help during a family trip. Vacations are a time for relaxation and hiring an elderly care provider will give you a well-deserved break so no one has to miss out on any of the fun.

Fun Outings for Seniors

Mobility and health issues don’t need to stop your aging parents from getting out and enjoying the beauty of springtime. By planning ahead and ensuring that a place is accessible or senior-friendly and hiring a qualified senior care provider to accompany your parents, local and distant travel is possible.

Here are some fun outings for seniors to consider this spring:

  • Road trips
  • Family picnics at a park or conservation area
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Winery tours
  • Visiting friends/family in other towns, provinces or countries
  • Vacations/travel
  • Organized tours for seniors

With some planning and the help of a qualified elderly care provider, your aging parents’ travelling days don’t have to be over. New adventures and memories are waiting!

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Limited Mobility

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day! While many people are looking forward to pub crawls and green beer, seniors who face mobility issues may feel that this fun holiday just isn’t something they can enjoy any longer. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all! You don’t need the luck of the Irish; just a little help from an experienced caregiver!

How a Caregiver Can Put the Fun Back into St. Paddy’s Day

No longer having a driver’s licence, living alone, and having mobility issues are all things that can take the enjoyment out of holidays and celebrations for seniors. An elderly care agency can help make days like St. Patrick’s Day fun again for seniors who may find it hard to get around.

A professional home care assistant can help with everything from getting to and from an event to accompanying a senior to various community festivities. Not the party animal type? No worries because you can enlist an in home caregiver to pop by and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with you or your aging loved one at home with a special meal or St. Paddy’s Day themed board games. The flexibility of home care services makes it easy to celebrate how you want!

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for seniors with Mobility Issues

With the assistance of one of our home care staff, seniors with mobility issues can enjoy just about any St. Patrick’s Day celebration and chances are there are loads of fun events planned in your community for this holiday.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade
  • Have lunch at the local senior’s community center
  • Invite friends over for games and snacks with a St. Patrick’s theme
  • Catch a movie at the Irish Film Festival (If you’re not in Toronto, check your local theatre)
  • Enjoy an afternoon or Irish music or dance at the many events in your community

Home care services can be catered to suit every need and budget. There’s no reason to spend this fun holiday alone or stuck inside when an assisted living caregiver can help with everything from transportation to and from events to shopping and meal preparation for a fun celebration at home.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

David Porter, CPCA

Living Assistance Services – Senior Home Care